Image of IJCCS: Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetic Systems (Terakreditasi B DIKTI No. 51/E/KPT/2017)


IJCCS: Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetic Systems (Terakreditasi B DIKTI No. 51/E/KPT/2017)

IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems)

Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems (IJCCS), a two times annually provides a forum for the full range of scholarly study . IJCCS focuses on advanced computational intelligence, including the synergetic integration of neural networks, fuzzy logic and eveolutionary computation, so that more intelligent system can be built to industrial applications. The topics include but not limited to : fuzzy logic, neural network, genetic algorithm and evolutionary computation, hybrid systems, adaptation and learning systems, distributed intelligence systems, network systems, human interface, biologically inspired evolutionary system, artificial life and industrial applications. The paper published in this journal implies that the work described has not been, and will not be published elsewhere, except in abstract, as part of a lecture, review or academic thesis.
Accreditated "Sinta 2" by the Ministry of Research-Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia: 51/E/KPT/2017 PERIOD: 2017-2022.
Initials IJCCS
Abbreviation Indonesian J. Comput. Cybern. Syst.
DOI prefix 10.22146 by
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Please read these journal guidelines and template carefully. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems) should obey the writing guidelines. If the manuscript submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will BE REJECTED by the editors before further reviewed. The editors will only accept the manuscripts which meet the assigned format.

IJCCS is published two times annually, January and July by the Indonesian Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation Support Society (IndoCEISS) in colaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Electronics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UGM, Yogyakarta.

Since 2016, Open Journal Systems (OJS) has been applied for all business process in IJCCS. Therefore, the authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript by online. The process of the manuscript could be monitored through OJS. Authors, readers, editorial board, editors, and peer review could obtain the real time status of the manuscript.

Since 2018, IJCCS is fully published in English. Several other changes are informed in the Journal History.

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IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems), with registered number ISSN 1978-1520 (print), ISSN 2460-7258 (online).


jur89c19004.5 I Vol.16/No.3 Juli 2022Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c17004.5 I Vol.16/No.1 Januari 2022Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c21004.5 I Vol.17/No.1 Januari 2023Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c20004.5 I Vol.16/No.4 October 2022Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c18004.5 I Vol.16/No.2 April 2022Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c1004.05 i Vol.10/No.1 Jan,2016Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
jur89c2004.05 i Vol.10/No.2 Jul,2016Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
jur89c3004.05 i Vol.11/No.1 Jan,2017Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
jur89c4004.05 i Vol.11/No.2 Jul,2017Teknologi Kimia dan Ilmu yang berkaitan (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
jur89c5004.05 i Vol.12/No.1 Jan,2018Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
jur89c6004.05 i Vol.12/No.2 Jul,2018Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan FTTI)Tersedia
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jur89c9004.05 I Vol.13/No.2 April 2019.Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c10004.05 I Vol.13/No.3 Juli 2019.Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c11004.05 I Vol.13/No.4 October 2019.Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c12004.05 I Vol.14/No.1 Januari 2020Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c13004.05 I Vol.14/No.2 April 2020Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c14004.05 I Vol.14/No.3 July 2020Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c15004.05 I Vol.14/No.4 October 2020Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia
jur89c16004.05 i Vol.15/No.1-4 July 2021Terbitan Berkala (Jurnal) (Perpustakaan Kampus I)Tersedia

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Judul Seri
No. Panggil
Penerbit Indo CEISS, FMIPA UGM : Yogyakarta.,
Deskripsi Fisik
228 hlm.; 28,5 cm.
Tipe Isi
Tipe Media
Tipe Pembawa
Info Detil Spesifik
ACCREDITATED with "B" grade by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Decree No. 51/E/KPT/2017, December 4, 2017
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